Development of Entrepreneurial Culture in Iran's Press

Document Type : Research Paper


1 M.A. University of Tehran

2 Associate Professor, Faculty of Managment, University of Tehran

3 Associate Professor, Faculty of Comminications and Culture, University of Emam Sadegh


Nowdays, a country is in dire need of entrepreneurial knowledge and skills more than ever. Families, educational systems and governments play a pivotal role in institutionalization of entrepreneurial culture. But the significance of the media, specifically the press, which greatly influence people's thoughts, attitudes and values, is undeniable. So the main objective of this research is to survey "the development of entrepreneurial culture in the press". In this study, 220 issues of the press with high circulation with a purposive sampling have been surveyed for the period of four years For the theoretical and practical parts of the study, documentary-based and in-depth content analysis methods have been used respectively. In data analysis, we have taken advantage of both descriptive and deductive statistical methods as well as MRP software. The findings show that the press do not pay any considerable attention to entrepreneurship. Most of the published issues are related to employment and entrepreneurial services while the components of a knowledge-based entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial opportunities and entrepreneurial attitudes have not yet found their statistical position in the press The activities made in this regard are sporadic and on an ad hoc basis and cultural organizations have not any role  in reflecting entrepreneurial activities in economic journals and periodicals