Aims and Scope

Aim and Scope

This Quarterly is an open access publication and all submitted manuscripts will be subject to a double blind peer review process to ensure the high quality of work and paper originality. The main objective of this Journal is to provide a communication channel for researchers to enhance the level of their scientific and professional knowledge, to facilitate the exchange of views and ideas among them, to introduce, analyze and present the significant advancements and developments in various fields of entrepreneurship, to build and develop the relationships between researchers, experts and contributors on a local and global scale.

Objectives and Perspectives


  • To present applied local models for entrepreneurship development in Iran with a view to the 20-year vision, five -year development plans and the state laws and regulations;
  • To assess the current business environment, commercialization of business and business skills;
  • To study the pathology of establishment stages and growth of startups and quick-yield plans in Iran;
  • To introduce the approaches leading to the formulation of business plans and creation of entrepreneurial businesses in Iran;
  • The theorization, methodology, and typology in entrepreneurship;
  • To introduce types of entrepreneurship and describe the grounds for their development and growth;
  • To identify and exploit entrepreneurial opportunities;
  • To survey small-and- medium sized enterprises and quick- yield businesses;
  • To study the relationship between culture and value system in the society with entrepreneurial orientation;
  • To conduct comparative studies on entrepreneurship and related disciplines;
  • To investigate the relationship between organizational behavior and various entrepreneurial dimensions through field studies;
  • To study entrepreneurial trends/ approaches in developed and developing countries;
  • To survey the governmental role in entrepreneurship development;
  • To study, evaluate and measure types of entrepreneurship in different areas covering social, civil, political, corporate, rural and environmental realms as well as women, minorities, and …;
  • To investigate the impact of entrepreneurship on the economic growth and development of societies;
  • To survey the scope of entrepreneurship in the staterun and private enterprises/ organizations in Iran;
  • To seek sources of funding (financing arrangements) for entrepreneurs in Iran;
  • To make a needs assessment of entrepreneurship education or training in various fields of Industry, services and agriculture
  • To study the major entrepreneurial obstacles in Iran
  • To investigate the relationship between entrepreneurial concepts/dimensions and other fields of study (sociology, social science, economics, management, psychology, technical-engineering and …) having a role in the interdisciplinary nature of entrepreneurship
  • To conduct case studies toward documentation of practical experiences gained by Iranian  entrepreneurs
  • To examine the cases of inefficiencies/ failures by and to recommend ways/solutions for improvement of entrepreneurial incubators
  • To study and assess the structural, behavioral and environmental obstacles to entrepreneurship in Iran
  • To explore self-employment opportunities in various socio-economic sectors in Iran
  • To analyze and assess the efficiency of state (governmental facilities in support of entrepreneurs
  • To investigate the situation of Iranian entrepreneurs residing overseas
  • To examine the causes of failure or recession of entrepreneurial business in Iran.
  • To present applied or practical models for establishment of centers for providing technical, legal, financial and managerial consultancy and advisory
  • To explore the grounds and bedrocks towards creation and development of family and household business
  • To survey the relationship between the information technology (IT) and entrepreneurship as well as approaches to development of internet businesses