Identifying Causal Factors of Forming Social Entrepreneurship Behavior in Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



Social entrepreneurs are impassioned individuals who combine leadership, creativity, and an entrepreneurial spirit to solve social problems related to matters affecting human welfare at systemic levels. The purpose of this study which is based on qualitative approach is to form a developing social entrepreneurship model in Iran. Accordingly, social entrepreneurs want to develop innovative programs to help people who do not have venture capital or financial power or cannot exploit the social opportunity. To this end, thirteen in-depth interviews were conducted on social entrepreneurs  who founded the charity organizations  where interviews were based on  theatrical saturation and snowball sampling. They have organizations with social goals and innovation in delivering services to stakeholders. The findings supported by the grounded theory demonstrated that family background, academic and job backgrounds, personality dimensions, experiences and general interests, religious beliefs and value oriention, and skills are causal factors.