Home Business Cooperatives (HBCs) in Hamedan Province: Challenges and Solutions

Document Type : Research Paper



The main purpose of this study is to survey challenges and problems of Home Business Cooperatives (HBCs). The study population of this research consists of all the HBC members in Hamedan Province in 2011-2012 (N=80), which have been thoroughly surveyed. The instrument for collecting data was a questionnaire which its validity was confirmed by a panel of experts and its reliability was established by calculating the Cronbach Alpha coefficient as estimated to be 0.77. In this research, in addition to descriptive methods of data, the factor analysis method was utilized by using KMO (0/815) and Bartlett tests (sig = 000 ). Based on the research results, the low Income levels and non-attendance  of members in classroom are the first priorities. Accondengly, the results indicated that the problems of HBCs can be classified in five key factors: lack of government support, management problems, poor planning, economic problems and lack of creativity and entrepreneurship. Organizing the practical training programs based on the educational needs assessment of members, providing affordable facilities and raising the  income levels of cooperatives are the main recommendations of this study.