Factors Affecting the Trend of Opportunities Recognition Among Top Entrepreneurs


1 . Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management, University of Tehran

2 . M.A., Student of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran


Why, when and how are some people more capable of recognizing opportunities while others lack such ability? This is a key question to pose in the field of entrepreneurship and opportunity recognition. The answer to this question can open up a new window before researchers. The aim of this research is to examine the factors that are effective in determining opportunities among entrepreneurs. To achieve this goal, we use the model suggested by Bany Ovoroa (2003). In doing so, after distribution of questionnaires among 279 to entrepreneurs in the Third National Festival of Entrepreneurship we have analyzed 92 of questionnaires. For analysis, firstly we have examined the reliability of theoretical model via data gathering from statistic population by Lisrel software. The results show that the model can be used for population. The next phase of analysis is made by correlation test. The results show that there is a significant relationship between entrepreneurial alertness, personal characteristics of entrepreneur, social networks, primary knowledge and thrust forces, and identifying entrepreneurship opportunities. This survey can be used to develop potential entrepreneurs in different fields to gain ability to determine the key elements of opportunity recognitions.