Designing microfinance model in resilience of Entrepreneurial startups (Case study: Bank of Saderat)

Document Type : Research Paper


1 University of Tehran

2 faculty of entrepreneurship

3 Azad University



Purpose: Entrepreneurial start-up businesses have a deep capacity to contribute to the economic growth and development of any country. In this research, the main goal is to design a microfinance model in the sustainability of entrepreneurial start-up businesses.

Research method: It is a survey and using a qualitative method to collect and analyze the obtained data, and using the qualitative method of foundation data and semi-structured interview to Data collection and analysis were done. 18 interviews were conducted using theory-based sampling method: In this research, the open, central and selective three-stage method was used to code the data. SPSS software and average and percentage statistical tests were used to analyze the information of the first part, that is, the part describing the characteristics of experts. In the qualitative part, the method of data analysis is data coding in three stages, using Atlas Ti software.

Findings: The class of results has been devoted to the design of a sustainable microfinance model for start-up entrepreneurial businesses, and this obtained model has six main codes: driving factors (including development factors, income generation factors, growth factors and institutional factors), The main category (microfinance in the sustainability of start-up entrepreneurial businesses), strategies (intra-organizational strategies with two categories of strategies for providing facilities and repayment strategies), contextual factors (including factors of the legal environment, economic environment and social environment), intervening factors (including external factors and internal organizational factors) and finally the consequences (including macro-consequences and micro-consequences).

Conclusion: The obtained factors in the research model are causal factors in encouraging banks to provide microfinance facilities. In the business development sub-code, the two factors of business sustainability facilities and getting points to start-up businesses are the factors that start-up businesses are encouraged to use micro financing. Microfinance not only brings benefits to start-up businesses,


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