Identifying the organizational mechanisms of recruiting and staffing, encouraging Corporate entrepreneurial behavior (selected industries)

Document Type : Research Paper


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2 department Corporate entrepreneurship ,Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran, Tehran

3 department new business Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran, Tehran



Objective: In today's era, when environmental changes are one of the most important challenges facing organizations, the proper use of talents and people in new thought processes is a role in creating organizational entrepreneurship. Therefore, the impact on human capital through the strategic actions of human resource management can be attributed to entrepreneurial behavior among individuals in the direction of general organizations from the growth of profitability, innovation, etc. The aim of the current research is to identify human resource management mechanisms in the employment and recruitment sector that encourage entrepreneurial behavior.

Method: To achieve the goal of the research, qualitative approach and case study method were used. The key experts of this research were some managers and consultants of the investigated companies and some university professors who are familiar with the field of human resources and organizational entrepreneurship, and a total of 26 of these people were identified by the snowball method. Thematic analysis method was used to analyze the collected data.

Findings: The findings of the research showed that the planning and design of jobs based on team work, an Ambivalence approach and an entrepreneurial spirit based on more freedom of action and less structure can be effective in achieving the goal of the research.

Conclusion: using new tools such as artificial intelligence in identifying and screening resumes, designing animations and advertising movies with gamification related to each job for advertising in social networks, paying attention to entrepreneurial skills in screening resumes and interviews, attracting entrepreneurs who failed can be effective in the emergence of organizational entrepreneurial behaviors.


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