Identifying the key challenge in reducing social entrepreneurs’ motivation and investigating the role of self-leadership

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Graduate School of Management and Economics, Sharif University of Technology

2 Associate Prof.

3 Strategy group, faculty of management and economic, sharif university, tehran, iran


In this research, we first explore the key challenge that reduces the motivation of social entrepreneurs in Iran. We then investigate how self-leadership strategies can help social entrepreneurs to tackle this challenge when they become demotivated. In addition, we examine other factors that can motivate social entrepreneurs to continue the challenging path of social entrepreneurship. Due to the exploratory nature of the study, a qualitative multiple case study has been employed and semi-structured interviews were conducted with 5 social entrepreneurs to answer the first research question and 14 interviews were carried out with social entrepreneurs to answer the second and third research questions. By employing thematic analysis, interviews were coded. Our findings revealed that a key challenge that social entrepreneurs face is a lack of understanding of the importance of their activities. We also found that they can overcome this challenge by employing self-leadership strategies, benefiting from external support, and relying on their unique approach to solving social problems. Reviewing social goals and focusing on the positive emotions of individuals were identified as self-leadership strategies.


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