Strategic Renewal in Entrepreneurship Using the Research Synthesis Method

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management and Economic, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran


One of the desirable mechanisms for corporate entrepreneurship to respond promptly and following changes in the business environment is to implement entrepreneurial strategic renewal. Strategic renewal in entrepreneurship is based on opportunities to improve and transform. This study aims to review the literature and identify the nature of strategic renewal in entrepreneurship to provide a more accurate range of strategic renewal. The present research is based on the purpose of developmental-applied and on collecting qualitative information using a synthesis research approach. The research population included all articles and studies conducted in strategic renewal and entrepreneurship that were searched invalid domestic and foreign scientific databases in 2021-2000. Of 139 related articles, 42 articles were selected as the research sample. The validity of the studies was confirmed using the CASP tool, and the codes were validated based on the reliability of the coders. According to research findings, creative and innovative social capital (entrepreneurial leadership, organizational learning, flexible corporate culture, and creating shared value), entering new markets (degree of business competitiveness and identifying environmental opportunities), actionability and risk-taking (risk-taking and ambiguity tolerance), and continuous flexibility (organizational innovation, entrepreneurial orientation, flexible organizational structure, and organizational agility) constitute the executive nature of strategic renewal in the field of entrepreneurship.


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