Investigating the relationship between Social Entrepreneurial Orientation (SEO( and Entrepreneurial Performance at Not for Profit Organizations(NFPs)

Document Type : Research Paper


In recent decade entrepreneurial behavior at not for profit organizations -that priority of social purpose and forbidden profit distribution are their distinguishing characteristics of their economic counterparts- is considered by actioners and researchers and the concept of “organizational social entrepreneurship” is developed to assess the phenomenon. Purpose of this paper is to help to explain the social intrapreneurship. To reach this, present study explores the relationship between social entrepreneurial orientation and social entrepreneurial performance and the mediating role of cooperative management structure and social organizational role models in the relationship. To do this, at the first stage we conceptualized the social entrepreneurial orientation and developed questionaries’ to measure it. Next we applied multiple variable regressions with hierarchical strategy exploring the relationship between variables among active, established formal NFPs in Tehran city. taking organizational level of analysis, we use managerial perception approach. Results indicate that social entrepreneurial orientation that defined as having innovation, proactive and risk management subject to social value creation have significant relationship with social intrapreneurship performance. In addition, in presence of cooperative management structure and social organizational role models the relationship is been reinforced


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