Identifying the position of organizational entrepreneurial orientation in fostering competitive advantage; Case study: the banking context of Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



In the past years, a lot of studies have been conducted with regard to the organizational entrepreneurial orientation area. The overall results of these research projects helped organizational entrepreneurs discover the importance of some aspects, such as risk-taking, innovativeness and proactiveness. These aspects influence capabilities like learning and innovativeness and quality and, finally, lead to the sources of sustainable competitive advantages. According to the relevant theories, a firm’s achievement of competitive advantage results in its successful performance. Therefore, an extensive review of the literature was conducted to determine the position of organizational entrepreneurial orientation in achieving competitive advantages. After held one focus groups meeting, six main factors of the model were identified. Method of interpretive structural modelling (ISM) was used to analysis the primary conceptual model. In this regard, designed questionnaire was distributed among the17 knowledgeable experts from the banking. The results indicated while organizational entrepreneurial orientation, available resources and environmental uncertainty constituted the foundations for fostering competitive advantage in banking, organizational Entrepreneurial orientation has a direct and positive impact on banks' resources to turn them into competitive advantage. Furthermore, bank size was the moderating variable in this model. The extracted model confirms the importance of organizational entrepreneurial orientation position in commercial banks and asks of senior managers to pay special attention to this area.