Innovative business model for B2C distribution's companies (Case Study: Golrang-pakhsh)

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Professor, University of Tehran, Iran

2 Assistant Professor, University of Tehran, Iran

3 Master of Entrepreneurship, Iran


Today, every enterprise needs to have its own business model. A business model explains what exactly the costumers want, how they want it and how the company can satisfy them. This can actually leads to the industry's competitive advantages and help the enterprises to revive them. In the late decades the prevalence of e-commerce leads it to be known as a tool to organize the business and so many enterprises try to exchange their existing business model to the new e-business model to obtain competitive advantages in today's complex environment. Accordingly, this paper aims at developing innovative B2C business model has been developed.The research is part of Golrang-pakhsh Co. To implement this method ofcase studies was used. The main tool for collecting data from in-depth interviews, and in addition the analysis of documents and survey data were collected. In interviews with senior and middle managers of financial, marketing and sale with purposive sampling with 28 of the top and middle managers of the company were interviewed. So, in this research we concentrate on finding its own innovative B2C business model and help it maintain its competitive advantage.


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