Identifying the Effective Type of Job Incentives on Entrepreneurs’ Decision Making Case Study: Tehran University Science and Technology Park


1 M.A. University of Shahed

2 Assistant Professor, University of Shahed


Many management experts believe that the decision-making is management synonymous or the most important part of it. Therefore, understanding the influencing factors on decision making is a significant issue and the purpose of the present study is to investigate the effect of career motives on entrepreneurial decision making. To answer the main question in this research, the effect of the independent variable (career motives) on the dependent variables (entrepreneurs’ decision making) were tested. This is an applied descriptive - survey research which was conducted by questionnaire. The questionnaire validity and reliability were tested by content validity and Cronbach's alpha (0.729) method respectively. The Research Statistical population were 48 Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology Park of Tehran University from which 46 people responded to the questions. The results obtained from one sample T -test show that the linear career motive and expert career motive variables have a positive impact on the entrepreneurs’ decision making, but spiral career motive and transitory career motive variables have no significant effect on entrepreneurs’ decision making.