A Survey of the Impact of Entrepreneurial Marketing on Brand Performance of Educational SMEs

Document Type : Research Paper



Firms must work in an environment with increasing risk and uncertainty, where organizational and economic boundaries are meant to be broken and the dominant idea is that traditional marketing no longer meets the needs of the new discipline. Instead, entrepreneurial marketing is a new and inter-disciplinary paradigm which can eliminate the shortcomings of the traditional marketing. The present study seeks to investigate the effects of different dimensions of this paradigm on brand performance of small and medium-sized educational institutions. This is an applied research conducted within the framework of a descriptive survey. The data was collected through distribution of questionnaires among the staff and customers of 70 small and medium-sized educational institutions in Shiraz, Iran. Sampling method is convenience. The conceptual model includes eight variables and seven hypotheses. SMART-PLS was used to test the model. Results show that six hypotheses were confirmed and one of them was rejected. In the present research, opportunity orientation dimension doesn’t have any significant effect on brand performance. Moreover, customer orientation and risk taking dimensions were proved to have the most and the least significant effects on brand performance, respectively. Given that opportunity orientation dimension has no significant effect on brand performance, it’s recommended that future studies further investigate this aspect.