Social Entrepreneurial Intention: Interplay of Social Entrepreneurial Attitude, Financial Security and Social Capital as Antecedents

Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD. Candidate, Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran

2 MA., Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran


Developing social entrepreneurship has become a key issue for researchers and policy makers, as social entrepreneurs are agents of socio-economic development. Because of the intention- based nature of social entrepreneurial behaviors, the present study at the first stage explores the relationship between social entrepreneurial attitude and social entrepreneurial intention. At the second stage, it explores the moderating role of social capital, human capital and financial security in this relationship. To this end, the quantitative approach and the multiple variable regressions with hierarchical strategy were employed. Data was collected from 141 volunteers of charity organizations in Shiraz. For data analysis, SPSS software and AMOS path analysis software were used. The results indicate that social entrepreneurial attitude - defined in this study as having affective, cognitive and conative reactions toward empathy and responsibility to social needs - has a significant relationship with social entrepreneurial intention. In addition, an individual’s financial security and social capital reinforces this relationship by the order of the intensity of impact; however, the human capital of social entrepreneurship does not have any significant impact on such relationship.