Identifying the Factors Influencing Technological Innovation System in the Field of Renewable Energy

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship Faculty, University of Tehran, Iran

2 Professor, Economics Faculty, University of Tehran, Iran

3 Master of Entrepreneurship Management, University of Tehran, Iran


Nowadays clean energy and technological innovation in this field have become
very important. Dynamic innovation and technology development are done by the formation of technological innovation systems and factors influencing the
functions of system play a key role in the emergence of such systems.
Considering the lack of previous researches in this area, this research seeks to
answer the question that: “which factors are affecting technological innovation
systems in renewable energy industry?” The aim of this research is applied and
its method is qualitative. The population includes experts in the field of technological innovation and innovation systems concepts and renewable
energy technologies that have the experience and expertise. The sample
consisted of 10 people who were selected by purposeful sampling. The data
gathering tool was interview and its validity was confirmed by the opinions of experts and the necessary modifications. Data analysis methods consisted of encoding in three steps including the initial coding, open coding and axial coding. Research findings represent the existence of 8 groups of elements
involving institutional, governmental and law, business, economic, cultural,
market structure, technology and knowledge in the 36 subsidiary dimensions
which are effective in the formation of technological innovation systems in
renewable energies industry in Iran.