The Analysis of Marketing Innovation Influence Pattern on Sustainable Competitive Advantage through Entrepreneurial Orientation (Case Study: Isfahan Carpet Industry)

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Professor, Department of Management, University of Isfahan, Iran

2 Master of Business Administration, University of Isfahan, Iran


In early 21st century, rapid and all- inclusive global change has transformed so much the working environment of organizations that the organizations and their managers are obliged to find new ways for their actions to adapt to global change and evolution, so that they can survive in the domestic and global competition arena. In fact, an organization will be successful that can achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Towards that end, the present study tries to design a model for the influence of marketing innovation on the sustainable competitive advantage with an entrepreneurship approach. The qualitative data of this applied research was collected by means of a questionnaire. For that purpose, a standard questionnaire based on Likert classification was used and 110 artisans of carpet industry in Isfahan Province were assessed. Data analysis was performed by descriptive and inferential statistics using AMOS 20 and SPSS19 software. The findings show that entrepreneurial orientation affects the relationship between marketing innovation and sustainable competitive advantage and one can improve that relation through entrepreneurial orientation. Also, marketing innovation is directly related to sustainable competitive advantage.