Diagnosis of Commercialization Process of Inventions: An Analysis in Three Areas of Inventor, Environment and Invention

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Ph.D in Management, University of Yazd, Iran

2 MS., Industrial Management, Yazd Art and Science University, Iran


Undoubtedly, the condition governing the economic development in our country has increased the necessity to focus on the level of internal capacity building in the technology area and especially commercialization of inventions. Therefore, diagnosis of the commercialization process of the inventions and providing solutions for expansion of this important issue can be considered as a strategic step towards planning the technology development in the country. The aim of the present study is to recognize and investigate the barriers to the commercialization process of inventions and consequently to provide some solutions in this regard. The data is collected through a questionnaire completed by the top inventors of Yazd Province. The sample is selected using Cochran method. TOPSIS and QFD techniques were used for data analysis. The study results show that "lack of collateral and financial support for taking out credit facilities and investments" are the main barriers among the 65 recognized and approved barriers by the inventors. Accordingly, "banking rules reform for providing collaterals out of the knowledge-based plans" and "formation of inventors' chain" is recommended as the main solutions for the expansion of the inventions commercialization.