Structural Solutions of Entrepreneurship Development in Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



The goal of this descriptive-survey research is identifying and ranking structural solutions of entrepreneurship development in Iran. The primary data were collected from a sample of 187 entrepreneurial experts in universities and companies. According to an exploratory factor analysis, 8 major factors are identified. The reliability of the questionnaire (Cronbach's Alpha) and its validity (Rotation Sums of Squared Loading) are 95.7% and 72% respectively. The results show that "drafting of national documents of entrepreneurship development" is the most important factor and establishing "centers of entrepreneurship and consulting services in the municipality", "reforming administrative-banking laws and regulations", "establishing colleges and schools of entrepreneurship", organized "financial and taxation supports", "establishing and reinforcing science and technology parks and incubators", "reducing  administrative-banking procedures and companies registration " and "establishing entrepreneurship support networks" are among the entrepreneurship development factors which stand in the  priorities from second to eight.