Identifying the Factors Influencing the Choice of Commercialization Strategies of Academic Research in the Field of Nanotechnology in Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



Though the worldwide age of nanotechnology dates back to almost half a century, it has become an influential technology in industry. Nanotechnology has become a competitive advantage with a rapid growth rate for Iran nearly for a decade. Above all, the pursuit of competitive advantage in the field of nanotechnology involves the commercialization of academic research. Based on the theoretical foundations, research background, literature reviews and the Umum Model (Umum, 2008), the author is seeking to answer the main question: what factors affect the choice of commercialization strategies of academic research of nanotechnology in Iran? This research pursues the object of application with a qualitative method. The statistical population of this research includes the experts with experiences in the field of nanotechnology and commercialization strategies of academic research. The sample consisted of 10 participants who were selected using the Snowball Method. Data collection was conducted through interviews and the validity was confirmed by experts’ opinions and necessary corrections. The data analysis method consisted of coding in three steps of initial coding, open coding and axial coding. The findings revealed the five categories of organizational, environmental, individual, institutional and technological factors in 32 dimensions which affected the choice of commercialization strategies of academic research in the field of nanotechnology.