Relationship between Religious Beliefs and Entrepreneurship Intention: the Case of Faculty of Entrepreneurship and College of Agricultural and Natural Resources Students

Document Type : Research Paper



Religion plays a leading role in community, and has been cited as an important factor in people's lives, especially in the Islamic countries. The purpose of this paper was to identify the relationship between religious believe and entrepreneurial intention of the University of Tehran students. The population consisted of M.Sc. students at the Faculty of Entrepreneurship and College of Agricultural and Natural Resources. A sample of 120 students was selected using random sampling method. Data were collected through a questionnaire. The validity of questionnaire was determined through the opinions expressed by the faculty members of the University of Tehran. Cronbach’s-alpha formula was used to calculate the reliability, and it was found to be acceptable (alpha > 0.65). The results revealed that there were positive significant relationships between entrepreneurial intention and religious impacts. Also, the results showed that there were significant differences at 0.01 level (2-tailed) between course and religious knowledge and practices and also between religious impacts and commitment at 0.05 level (1-tailed). Based on the findings and conclusions of this study, specific recommendations were presented