Identifying and Verifying Entrepreneurial Marketing Mix from Islamic-Religious Viewpoint of the Top Entrepreneurs in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Document Type : Research Paper



Considering the importance of marketing and entrepreneurship from the Islamic perspective  and academic literature and the significance of entrepreneurs, religious beliefs in applying marketing concepts, the aim of this study is to identify and verify entrepreneurial marketing mix from the viewpoint of the top  entrepreneurs` Islamic-religious in small and medium sized enterprises. In order to achieve this purpose, the mixed exploratory method is selected as the research approach. Samples at the qualitative stage are 10 top entrepreneurs who were selected by the Ministry of Cooperative, Labor and   Social Welfare in 2009-2010. Quantitatively the samples were 44 top entrepreneurs in the 4 recent years. The data collection tools were interviews and questionnaire for the qualitative and quantitative stages respectively. Qualitative data were analyzed using content analysis method, and for quantitative data the descriptive and inferential statistics indicators such as One Sample T-Test, Simultaneous Regression and Friedman were employed. The results of this study showed that entrepreneurial marketing mix based on the Islamic-religious orientation consisted of seven elements which were ranked as follows: production, pricing, distribution, promotion, customers handling, competition, and products sales.