Strategic Management in Religious Entrepreneurship: (Case Study: Pedaran Asemani Organization)

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran


Religious entrepreneurship falls within the category of the social entrepreneurship which attempts to put the societal values derived from religious beliefs - into entrepreneurial perspective. Because of the environmental changes and more complex organizational decisions, the necessity of using strategic planning in such organizations is now more obvious. the differences between social and religious organizations with business entities will make it hard to use strategic frameworks designed for profit. This paper presents "Pedaran Asemani" as a case of religious entrepreneurial organization and surveys the strategic planning process by using Bryson's model. This qualitative research applies data triangulation by utilizing the three data gathering methods (in-depth interviews, observation and document review) in order to increase its reliability. Thematic analysis was applied to analyze the data and the results show that all of the ten steps of Bryson's strategic planning model except making the vision statement are implemented and some elements are also added to this model. These results may encourage the implementation of strategic planning process in religious entrepreneurial organizations.