Lending Productive Credits (with emphasis on Agricultural Credits)

Document Type : Research Paper



Lending agricultural credits should follow a theoretical background. This research primarily investigated five theoretical patterns especially the Islamic pattern about distribution of productive credits. Then it examined the reliability of the patterns by accomplishing a case study about agricultural credits. The research was based on grounded theory approach. Data were collected through observation and semi structured reviews. Results of the study revealed that many factors affected productive use of agricultural loans and social class of farmers was not an effective factor in contrast to capitalist system. The findings showed that the Islamic pattern has considered these effective factors in the framework of general guidelines including prevention of capitalists’ monopoly, consideration for small projects and poor people for loans and lending credits in respect of the competencies and capabilities of farmers. The Islamic instructions have considered resources as extravagance if not granted to the right purpose and have forbidden it. Thus in contrast to basic needs pattern, Islam believes that mere increase in the availability of productive loan in rural areas is an unrealistic effort and it would not lead to lucrative jobs and economic justice.