Evaluating the Prevailing Research Methods in Entrepreneurship Across the Country and Suggestions for Future Research


1 Ph.D, University of Tehran

2 M.A.Entrepreneurship, Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran


The purpose of this research is content analysis and evaluation of scientific production of entrepreneurship with thematic approach and methodology. The research covers 92 articles published in the Journal of Entrepreneurship Development in the period 1387-1390.The findings from content analysis of this Journal suggest that the dominant themes in research are corporate entrepreneurship and business creation and development. Most studies are focused on the data sources. Interviews and observation research tools have been infrequently used. Quantitative aspect is the dominant method of analysis in entrepreneurship research while the qualitative and mixed method being consistent with the dynamic and complex nature of entrepreneurship is not often used. Studies are mainly cross-sectional and longitudinal studies have not received great attention. Furthermore, the statistical analysis techniques become more complex over time and the use of structural equation modeling is growing. The dominant analysis level is the individual and organization. Most studies are focused on a single analysis level and incorporate entrepreneurs, business founders and managers of governmental and non-governmental organizations