Implementation of a New Model of Knowledge Management in SMEs Case Study: Iran Zamin Oil Company


1 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran

2 M.S. Student in Industrial Engineering


Nowadays, most of the experts believe that organizations should select effective ways for diffusing organizational knowledge among their human resources. Bias and his coworkers believe that the principal aspect of each enterprise is creation and transmission of interorganizational knowledge. Therefore, the necessity of recognition and use of effective ways for sharing and transmission of knowledge management in an organization is revealed.
Organizations cannot manage the knowledge correctly because the personal knowledge is inherent and tacit. However, the operating environment may be better managed for knowledge diffusion and development. Organizations should strive to find most of the inner knowledge along with mechanisms to manage and measure it.
In this paper, we explain the meaning of knowledge management and present different models. Finally, we offer our model. As a case study, the model has been implemented in Iran Zamin Oil Company.