Studying the Relationship Between Corporate Entrepreneurship Orientation and Performance Iran Insurance Company Agencies in Tehran)


1 . Assistant Professor, Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran

2 M.S., Entrepreneurship Management


Corporate Entrepreneurship is a major branch of entrepreneurship that plays a key role towards excellence in most organizations. On the other hand, Insurance industry as a vital infrastructure meets a considerable deficiency in accomplishing its mission in Iran, and it seems that developing entrepreneurship components in different processes of this industry and also developing entrepreneurial culture among its personnel can be a superior solution for this problem. Accordingly, this study measures the relationship between corporate entrepreneurship orientation and performance of a sample selected from among the personnel of corporate agencies of Iran Insurance Company in Tehran. In this research, "flexible structure", "effective organizational climate", "supporting and motivating culture to creativity and innovation" and "employee's individual competencies and motivation" are dimensions of corporate entrepreneurship, and "employee's satisfaction", "customer's satisfaction" and "financial performance" are dimensions of agencies performance through which their reciprocal relationships are measured. Results of correlation analysis on sample research composed of agencies personnel, totally demonstrates that corporate entrepreneurship orientation has a positive and significant correlation with performance of agencies. In conclusion, Implications regarding entrepreneurship concept for managerial practice in insurance industry, other comparable industries, and also future research programs are provided.