A Survey of Value Hierarchy among Entrepreneurs (Case Study: Kermanshah Province)


1 . Graduate student in Department of Rural Development, College of Agriculture, Razi University, Kermanshah

2 Assistant Professor, College of Agriculture, Razi University, Kermanshah


In the beginning of 1980s named as Entrepreneurship Decade, a large number of entrepreneurship researchers attempted to determine certain characteristics that distinguished entrepreneurs from non-entrepreneurs by identifying certain characteristics inherent in potential entrepreneurs in order to predict entrepreneurial behavior. Among the characteristics identified, little empirical research has been conducted on values that might distinguish between entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs. Therefore the purpose of this descriptive survey research was to determine the value hierarchies among entrepreneurs in Kermanshah Province. Results indicated that there were differences in values among male and female entrepreneurs. Moreover, values such as universalism, security, and self-direction ranked high among male entrepreneurs while benevolence, security, and conformity ranked high among female entrepreneurs. Results of this study have major implications for entrepreneurship policy-makers. Based on the job fit theory, people select jobs that are compatible with their values. Therefore, policy-makers can direct and advise potential entrepreneurs whose values are compatible with entrepreneurship values.