Investigating the Relationship between the Organizational Structure and Organizational Entrepreneurship (Case Study Private Banks Located in the City of TEHRAN)


Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran


Organizational entrepreneurship is considered to be a factor which has the highest impact on the success and growth of enterprises, entities, governments and countries. Equally important, an appropriate organizational structure is also regarded as a major component which aims at creating entrepreneurship inside an organization intra-organizational entrepreneurship. In the present research, the relationship between the components of organizational structure including formality, complexity and concentration and the organizational entrepreneurship has been sensibly examined and, in term of research tools, a number of questionnaires containing 25 survey questions with a validity factor of (0.94) have been designed for analysis. The results obtained from the questionnaires distributed among the sample focus group of 106 directors of head offices of banks prove that there is a significant relationship between the organizational structure dimensions namely formality, complexity and concentration and the organizational entrepreneurship dimensions such as innovation, risk-taking and pioneering action. More notably, the correlation coefficient between the variables of the organizational structure and dimensions of organizational entrepreneurship has come up to pint (0.526) for formality, (0.215) for complexity and (0.501) for concentration. In conclusion, the findings of this study along with some recommendations have been presented accordingly.