Study and Assessment of Managers’ Entrepreneurship Characteristics


Faculty Member of the Institute for Advanced Education and Research on Management and Planning


What characteristics should an entrepreneur manager have? Are the managers and entrepreneurs the same or different? How can the attitude and personality of an entrepreneur be identified? Attitude assessment is one of the methods of recognizing behavioral aspects which are somewhat the origin of behaviors.
Based on the research conducted by researchers on entrepreneurs’ traits and their ensuing findings, we try to assess managers’ characteristics in the Telecommunication Company of Iran.
These characteristics which form an integral part of entrepreneurs’ personality include: flexibility, perseverance, pragmatism, risk-bearing, opportunism, self-confidence, decisiveness, introversion and...
In this research, fifteen characteristics has been selected from among a wide range of varieties and then questionnaires have been distributed among 82 managers. The result shows that entrepreneurial characteristics do not have any relationship with position, gender and service records. 
Meanwhile, the average of questionnaire marks indicates that managers’ characteristics were more than theoretical average (2.5). The questionnaire marks were placed between 3 to 3.3.This range of results indicates that managers have entrepreneurial characteristics. Obviously, the managers potentially have these characteristics. Although a manager can be an entrepreneur, he can not actually behave or operate as an entrepreneur because of his improper position or environment.  Therefore, it is better to assess actual behaviors and entrepreneurial functions.