A Study of the Business Opportunities In the Industry of Decorative Plants and Flowers in Qom Province



This article has been derived from a survey research report under the title of “Study of the Opportunities for Establishment and Development of Cooperative Institutes in Decorative Flowers Industry in Qom" which occurred in 2007. The current situation moves toward seeking the objective of the research,
Growing and distributing flowers in the province was considered in terms of employment creation and economically evaluated as well.
The main tools for data gathering was a questionnaire and interviews and the main evaluation techniques were POP, NPV, PI and IRR.
The parameters were focused on the kinds of flowers, greenhouseS (roofed or unroofed) and the situation of flower gardens (rented or owned).
At the end of the research, our findings express that growing some kinds of flowers such as tuberose, carnation, chrysanthemum, rose and petunia are economical to breed in the Province of Qom.