Limitation on Emergent Businesses


1 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management, University of Tehran

2 Assistant Professor, University of Mazandaran

3 M.A., Entrepreneurship Management, University of Tehran


Each year a great number of nascent entrepreneurs embark on startups, but a few of them manage to create a sustainable enterprise. They often cease efforts when they confront obstacles. This study makes a great attempt to deal with the barriers in the way of the nascent entrepreneurs who are taking courses to acquire entrepreneurial knowledge and business skills in Tehran. The findings indicate that limitation s such as cultural and attitudinal (mean: 3.7), educational (mean: 3.66), supports and infrastructural (mean: 3.64), operating business environment (mean: 3.38), legal and administrative (mean: 3.41) and financial (mean: 3.42) respectively are the key impediment to business startups. However, personal reservations (mean: 3.08) will not be classified as big problems. The critical point here is that nascent entrepreneurs endowed with stronger entrepreneurial characteristics, tend more to start up businesses notwithstanding their perception of such problems. In reality, the adjusting role of the "entrepreneurial personality traits" in proportion to the impact of barriers on tendency towards starting up new businesses is the major scientific achievement of the present research.