Keywords = Innovation
Number of Articles: 11
2. Internationalization pattern of University with an Entrepreneurial Approach (case study: Iranian Universities)

Volume 12, Issue 2, Summer 2019, Pages 301-320

Babak Ziyae; Mehran Rezvani; Mohammad Hasan Mobarki; Mehdi Tajpour

4. Factors influence on open innovation in digital entrepreneurship1

Volume 11, Issue 4, Winter 2019, Pages 719-737

Shaghayegh Sakhteh; asef karimi

5. Prioritizing Factors Affecting on innovation of Target Firms from VCs perspective

Volume 10, Issue 4, Winter 2018, Pages 655-674

Mehrdad Karim- khani; kamran pakizeh; Mohammad Reza Akhavan Anvari

6. Mapping the knowledge of innovation in Iran based on scientific and research articles and Persian theses

Volume 10, Issue 3, Winter 2018, Pages 437-456

Nesa Rezaee; Morteza Akbari; Hamid Padash

8. Designing A Conceptual Model for an Entrepreneurial University; Using Corporate Entrepreneurship Approach

Volume 7, Issue 4, Winter 2015, Pages 697-713

Nazanin Behzadi; Seyed Mostafa Razavi; Seyed Rasul Hosseini

9. Identifying the Factors Influencing Technological Innovation System in the Field of Renewable Energy

Volume 6, Issue 4, Winter 2014, Pages 169-184

Mohammad Reza Meigoon Pouri; Mahmood Motevaseli; Elahe Meigoon Pouri

10. A study of barriers to and motives for innovation in the selected Iranian small enterprises

Volume 2, Issue 2, Summer 2009, Pages 39-65

Bahman Fakour; Mohammad Taghi Ansari